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Boots and Socks

Did you know socks made from knitted fabric were first invented in 1500 BCE in Jutland, now part of Denmark. After the invention of the knitting loom in 1589, the production of making wool socks became much quicker and easier.

Indigenous people made their clothes and boots out of tanned animal skins. Depending on where the person lived influenced what animals they would hunt and rely on as part of their way of life. Up north, people mainly hunted moose, deer, or caribou. With great respect to the animals, Indigenous people take pride in using every part of the animal for something. Specifically, for clothes, for example, even the bones are used to make needles to sew everything together.

Have you ever owned a pair of mitts or mukluks that were homemade in the north? If you have had the opportunity to enjoy the goods, you will know just how warm they are! Often mucklucks have beautiful decorative touches made of porcupine quills, stitching, or beadwork to customize them.

We love when you send us pictures of your homemade mitts or mucklucks as you stay warm and walk on!

Are you interested in more northern History? You can check out the Virtual Exhibits and more on the Prince of Whales Northern Heritage Center website.