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Dogs of the NWT

There are 7.7 million dogs as household pets in Canada, which continues to grow! Since 1789 dogs have been referred to as man’s best friend due to their loyalty, companionship, friendship, and close relationship with humans. 

Regular dog walking has many benefits to the owner and the dog. Some benefits for you and your companion include being healthier, improved emotional and physical health, joint health, and digestive benefits. So, ask your dog to be your walking buddy to keep you motivated and reliable to get those minutes in!

The NWT SPCA was incorporated as a society in 1988. They operated without owning a shelter for over 20 years but supported communities, nonetheless. In October of 2011, the SPCA was able to build its specialized facility! The shelter can hold 40 dogs and ten cats and has an indoor and outdoor play area. The number of intakes and adoptions continuously varies yearly (covid caused a decrease in intakes and adoptions). However, in 2020 there were 399 dog intakes and 23 animals born in the shelter. The previous year, there were 559 dog intakes and 68 animals born in the shelter. On the bright side, there was a total of 266 adoptions and 63 transfers in 2019, 317 dog adoptions and 170 transfers.

Did you know that dogs outdoors in winter for extended periods consume twice as much food? They do this because it takes so much energy to try and stay warm in the winter. Of yourself in your dog’s paws, are you cold with just a sweater on in the winter and just wearing flip-flops? You can think. That means your furry friend is also cold. But don’t let the temperatures deter you and your companion from going outside! You can get your dog a jacket and booties and keep them moving.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the NWT SPCA and see how you can volunteer or donate to help the walking buddies! If you are in Yellowknife and want some motivation to get out and walk you can participate in an orientation and walk dogs whenever you want!

A few ways you can contact the NWT SPCA are below, and remember to Like the NWT SPCA page on Facebook!

Full Time Staff Daily 7am – 11am & 4pm – 8pm
Phone: (867) 920-7722 Please leave us a message.
Fax: (867) 920-7723
General Inquiry:
Adoptions Inquiry: