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Have you ever heard of the new trend of plogging, where you walk or jog and pick up trash? It originally started as a Swedish trend combining the word “plocka upp,” which means “picking up,” combined with jogging. Just because… Read More »Plogging


This page will be updated every Wednesday as the draws happen and photos are received! Stay tuned! January 11, 2023 Community: Deh Gah Walkers From Fort Providence, Bradley Thom School: Louie’s Angel’s From Jean Marie River, Elaine Cook Company: Information… Read More »Weekly Prize Winners!

Weekly Prize Winners!

Did you know socks made from knitted fabric were first invented in 1500 BCE in Jutland, now part of Denmark. After the invention of the knitting loom in 1589, the production of making wool socks became much quicker and easier.… Read More »Boots and Socks

Boots and Socks

There are 7.7 million dogs as household pets in Canada, which continues to grow! Since 1789 dogs have been referred to as man’s best friend due to their loyalty, companionship, friendship, and close relationship with humans.  Regular dog walking has… Read More »Dogs of the NWT

Dogs of the NWT

Participating in the NWTRPA Walking Challenge is a great opportunity for people to improve their physical and mental health, as well as connect with their community during the long NWT winter months. Walking is an easy and accessible form of… Read More »Health Benefits of Walking

Health Benefits of Walking

For the past year, the NWT Recreation and Parks Association (NWTRP) has been committed to figuring out the best and most appropriate way to change the name of the NWTRPA Walking Challenge, formerly known as  “Walk to Tuk”. With an appointed Advisory Committee from all… Read More »A Walking Challenge Review Update

A Walking Challenge Review Update