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Have you ever heard of the new trend of plogging, where you walk or jog and pick up trash? It originally started as a Swedish trend combining the word “plocka upp,” which means “picking up,” combined with jogging. Just because it is a Swedish trend doesn’t mean it can’t be done in the NWT!

According to a study published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, plogging has been shown to increase the physical activity levels of participants, leading to potential health benefits such as improved cardiovascular fitness and weight management. Additionally, plogging helps to combat littering and pollution in the environment, which can harm wildlife and damage ecosystems.

Walking or running and picking up trash can kill two birds with one stone by helping the planet and getting your minutes in. If you do it on your way to work, you can reduce your environmental impact from driving to work. Plogging is very versatile, and you can even put a northern twist on it, as it can be done walking, jogging, fat biking, or even kick sledding.

Trash can be blown around in the wind, carried about by foxes and ravens, or accidentally (we hope!) dropped by people. When you are out on the land and having a snack, always remember to take your garbage and leave the area cleaner than you left it. In NWT, we are lucky to have such a beautiful environment at our fingertips; for it to last for generations to come, you can take up plogging!

Send us some pictures of you plogging with your team, we would love to share them on our socials!