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The NWTRPA wants to share your pictures and stories!

We are calling all NWTRPA Walking Challenge Participants!

Have you been walking through your community capturing awesome photos? Do you have winter walk stories to share, whether they are awe-inspiring or plain-out funny?

Every year, the NWTRPA collects stories and photos of participants of the Walking Challenge, and we would like to invite all participants to do the same for this 13th edition!

  1. For participants who submit photos in January, selections for the best photos will take place on February 8.
  2. For participants who submit photos in February, selections for the best photos will take place on March 7.

For those taking photos, here are the different prize categories:

  • Beautiful Places – Show us where you are, show us your community, where you walk too, and what landscapes you walk through. #beautifulplaces
  • Frosty Faces – The NWT is cold, no need to explain. Sometimes our faces become frosty with ice and snow, which makes for some great ice-cycle selfies. We want to see!  #FrostyFaces
  • Dog Walk to Tuk – We all love walking with our best friends. Thankfully this category is pet friendly. We want to see your furry friend.  #dogwalktotuk
  • Generations on the Move – It’s all about walking together. Show us your team members and how age is not an issue! Are any families on the same team?  #generationsonthemove

For those wanting to share stories, here are a few different ideas you might like to explore:

  • What motivates you to walk?
  • When did you first participate in the Walking Challenge and what kept you going?
  • Where do you walk and how is that important to you?
  • Do you have a favourite Walking memory?
  • Who are the people/pets you walk with and how do they inspire you? 
  • Have you seen health improvements and would like to share?

Share your photos and stories from the Walking Challenge! You can send them to us directly at , or you can share them on social media and tag @nwtrpa and use one of the following hashtags: #beautifulplaces, #frostyfaces, #dogwalktotuk, #generationsonthemove.

Don’t forget to give context to your photos – where, when and who!